Arm Trimmers

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 Material: Shell, Polyester100%, Lining, Neoprene100% High 

Arm trimmers can help warm your arms during cardio and strength training, to increase your body's natural thermogenic rate, burn your fat.

 High-quality compression fabric with high air permeability, and made of neoprene has superior heat insulation performance so that you wear comfortable.

The trimmers' grid inner will not only prevent moisture sweat but also reduces sliding during workouts. Adjustable hook & loop fastening tape design.

Easy to make it tighter or looser, and they stay on while working out or after sweating. You can feel more heat on your arms.. The sauna heat arm belt could help you burn arm fat, make arms sweat like crazy, help eliminate sag of the upper arm, clean the toxins inside the body and let you have a healthy body. And it will give you results in slimming down your arms if you do cardio and strength work on your arms to build muscle and tone up.